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Long day. Lovely having the in-laws here. Looks like tomorrow is going to be even longer.

I have a dentists appointment in the morning. Blech. Hopes are to have the next part of my William ficathon story up before I go and then Frost either late tomorrow night or Friday. That all depends on the dentist.

Did I mention I'm tired?

Oh, and I just have to ask because I can't figure out if I'm just horribly naive or what. But, I was emptying my bulk e-mail folder (where all my spam automatically gets sent) and though I don't normally look at the subject lines, one kind of jumped out at me. Can anyone tell me what in the hell is "paprika spunk?" The rest of the subject line was clearly XXX territory, so that would tell me what spunk is, but paprika? Is that a new flavor? Because if it is, I don't see it catching on. And then I started wondering if they meant color, and nope, that's even less appealing. Just...weird.

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