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William Ficathon Master List

The day has finally arrived! OK, so actually it's still the 4th where I am, but I know some people want to get their stories up, so I'm doing this a little early. Regardless, the due date for stories about our favorite bloody awful poet, William, is now here. :)

When you've posted your story, just reply to this post with a link to it, and I'll add you to the Master List. Also, if you're going to be delayed, please let me know so that the person you're writing for knows what to expect.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I hope you had fun!

kallysten wrote for _eb - "Shared Insanity"
_eb _sharvie_ wrote for reremouse - "Dreams of Mist"
reremouse wrote for piksa - "Putting Away Victoria"
piksa kallysten wrote for RogueSpike - "The Alley"
RogueSpike wrote for willshenilshe
willshenilshe mydeira wrote for _sharvie_ - "In the Desert You Can Remember Your Name"
_sharvie_ wrote for lucky021 - "Doomed to Make Mistakes"
lucky021 wrote for spikes_heart - "It's for the Best"
spikes_heart wrote for spikesbint - "Bully for You"
spikesbint wrote for lokrur - Last Minute Dropout: If there's anyone who would be willing to take this challenge on, please comment and let me know.
lokrur wrote for deborahw37
deborahw37 wrote for spikendru - "Facing the Future"
spikendru wrote for sadbhyl - "The Life and Times of William, the Not-so-bloody"
sadbhyl wrote for evenstar_estel - "The Myth of Heaven Indicates the Soul"
evenstar_estel wrote for schehrezade_1 - "The Seven Circles of Samsara"
schehrezade_1 wrote for irishrose1 - "Sacrifices, Discoveries, and Loss"
irishrose1 wrote for perletwo - "In Death, That I May Live"
perletwo wrote for bookishwench - "Kindred Spirits"
bookishwench wrote for tobywolf13 - "Out of the Blue," ch. 1-3, ch. 4-7
tobywolf13 wrote for dettiot - delayed
dettiot wrote for thedeadlyhook - "Idylls"
thedeadlyhook wrote for herself_nyc - "The Center"
herself_nyc josephine_64 wrote for captainofidiots - "The Scent of Jasmine"
captainofidiots wrote for kats_meow - "Fragments of Beginnings and Endings"
kats_meow wrote for xheartrockx - "Fool's Paradise"
xheartrockx wrote for kinkynicky - "The Young & the Hopeless"
kinkynicky wrote for spikesbabyblues - "Boys Like William"
spikesbabyblues wrote for k155_me - "Timeless Love"
k155_me wrote for alxandr_tehgr8t - "Love Me Later"
alxandr_tehgr8t wrote for facingthesun
facingthesun wrote for josephine_64 - "Pursuits of Happiness"
josephine_64 wrote for jenjojen - "To Dream in the Perfect Tense"
jenjojen wrote for eurydice72 - "Falling Debris"
eurydice72 wrote for avidrosette - "Rendezvous"
avidrosette wrote for kallysten - "Down Where the Woodbines Creep"

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