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Catching up

First off, thanks to everyone for their well wishes yesterday. I've gone 12 hours without getting sick or having a fever so I'm hoping it's going away. The kids are at nursery today so I'm taking it easy in bed with the laptop.

Secondly, Rook will be up later today because I'm feeling well enough to write and with the kids out of the house, I won't get distracted by other things. So look for that later.

Third, I'm sure you've seen this elsewhere so I'll just mention it in passing. Jim Butcher of the Harry Dresden books has sent out a call to arms for everyone interested in seeing the series as a TV show/movie with James Marsters in the lead should get involved. See xionin entry for more details.

And fourth, I think these quizzes are just getting weirder and weirder...

The Kitty
You are...the kitty. Somehow seductive and
innocent at the same time, you can be either
all-ages or NC-17. Not everyone can pull off
this look, and that makes you extra special.

Which Overpriced LiveJournal Shoe Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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