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Well, it's been an absolutely lovely day. Got up at six to start the cooking, had dinner at two-ish, and managed to cook enough so that I won't have to for the next two days if I don't want. Well, except for the pie. Somehow, between Alicia's newfound love of pumpkin pie and Craig's love of all pies, I only have two slices of pumpkin left and 3 of pecan. Plus, the clean-up went relatively well as I kept tidying up after myself all day in order to save myself time later on. And somewhere in the midst of all that, I still managed to get 3000 words written on chapter 6 of Echoes. Not too shabby.

Craig's taking care of bedtime, so I just have to find it in myself to stay awake until ten. Any earlier and I'll be up too early in the morning.

Tomorrow is putting up the Christmas tree. Woo hoo! I've been waiting for this for two weeks now; I'm going to be like a kid all day tomorrow, I can just see it now.

There probably won't be a Frost chapter until Saturday, and then not again until the following weekend. I have to do my Fractured Fairytale assignment yet as that's due on Tuesday. And then my William ficathon assignment is due the following Monday. And that week is the week Craig's parents arrive. OK, why did I suddenly get tired when I've been doing OK all day long?

Hope everyone had a lovely day, holiday or not!

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