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Going home

We leave for home today, so it's going to be a long day of driving ahead of us. We ended up staying an extra day because it rained on Saturday and so we postponed the zoo until yesterday. Glad we did as it was glorious weather and few crowds. Of course, pushing Alex in a stroller in a zoo with inclines of 30-40 degrees all over the place completely wiped us out, and we took it very easy last night to recuperate.

I owe tons of e-mail when I get home. musing_mia, I got your messages, and I have responses, but I'll send those tomorrow when I have more of my brain in place. The next day or two is going to be crazy as I play catch-up---today is the backing out deadline for the William ficathon and I've already had one person say they can't finish it, as well as the last day of LLGA noms, which means I have to update the site again tomorrow with new nominees and get everything organized for judges' scores. I also have 2 weeks to finish up my Fractured Fairytale Ficathon assignment, 3 weeks for my William ficathon assignment, as well as try to keep Frost and Echoes updated on a regular basis. Add this in to my usual household stuff (do you have any idea how much laundry I'm going to have to do when I get home?!?), the fact that Alex's birthday is 12/14, and I see myself being way busy for the next little while.

Thank god I have stuff to look forward to, like James on "The Mountain" and the fact that I have Craig home until after Thanksgiving to help out.

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