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Completely and utterly knackered. Is vacation supposed to be this exhausting? We didn't even do that much today, I don't think. Not like what we've got planned for Disneyland.

Maybe because it rained most of the day. And we walked around Universal Studios in a faint drizzle for 4 hours. And I had two children who spent a lot of the day crying. All because of "Bee! Bee!" and 3D spiders coming out of screens in the middle of presentations that are supposed to be all right for young children and displays that spritz water at you out of the blue. Sigh. Oh, and two hours of that when I was completely on my own with them because I let Craig go get on rides that the children couldn't.

I'm being way too optimistic about writing, too. I have 2000 words on the Frost chapter that I wanted to finish last night, but I fell asleep on my laptop. I'm going to take a little nap now and hope that I can finish it up after a little rest.

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