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Second half of Halloween

So, Sunday.

Thank god for the extra hour of sleep Saturday night because otherwise, I would’ve been much worse off than I was. After a bit of a rough start, I finally arrived at the con in time to see Juliet’s Q&A in the morning. I’d missed hearing her on Saturday so was relieved I got the chance. She was incredibly articulate and well-spoken, much like I expected. Some of the highlights:

1. Her parents never tried to discourage her from acting, though they didn’t want her doing it as a child as they felt it wasn’t something a child can comprehend. For a long time, she was adamant about not wanting to be an actress and pursued dance instead, but then started taking acting classes and fell in love with it.
2. She was asked what happened to Miss Edith and she has absolutely no idea.
3. When asked about some of her favorite episodes, she mentioned the one on Angel where she and Darla got to be all badasses (her words) and the Buffy episode when she gets her strength back. She liked being the strong one for a change.
4. She did a lot of research and preparation for her role as Drusilla, including researching drug addicts since that was the original analogy that was made for the character. She saw weak Dru as a heroin addict and strong Dru as a crack addict.
5. Her dad amused her because one time he called her after watching the episode and asked, "How did they get you to look like that?" Considering he was shooting Ed Wood at the time and using prosthetics himself, she thought it was just hysterical that he could get so into the show and not make the connection.
6. Probably the funniest thing in the whole Q&A was when James returned from the breakfast. He was being led down the side of the hall when all of a sudden he shouted out, "Juliet Landau rocks the house!" They waved to each other and blew kisses. It was *very* obvious that they have strong affection and respect for each other.

After Juliet, I went and got my autograph from Amy. She was absolutely adorable, so very much like Fred except minus the techno-brains and the accent. She even does that wrinkly nose thing that Fred does. It’s too cute.

I then had my photo op with Luke Perry. He was incredibly gracious all weekend, and very good looking in person. And whippet thin, much more so than I’d thought.

I hurried back then to hear Jane do a commentary on Pangs. She was literate, and funny, and absolutely a joy to listen to. Some of the things she talked about were:

1. She always likes getting characters that aren’t gender specific because it means they can cast a woman (like the curator).
2. She thought the fact that Buffy was wearing a cowboy hat was just a little much, even though it was supposed to be all about cowboys and Indians.
3. She talked about "hanging a lantern." This is when they put a line in to remind the audience about something, in this case, that the church the master was trapped in had been buried intact by an earthquake just like the Mission.
4. She still loves her yam sham line.
5. Every time Spike showed up shivering and looking miserable, she said, "Poor Spike." It got to be really funny.
6. She loved how good Nick could act being sick.
7. She loves how Angel, when he runs into Willow, says he’s only there about protecting Buffy, that he doesn’t have time for person stuff, and then the first question out of his mouth is, "Who’s that guy?", meaning Riley who is outside talking to Buffy.
8. Riley came from Iowa because that’s where Jane is from and because she didn’t have a ton of time to write the script, she didn’t want to have to do research on a new state and town and such.
9. She loves the Spike/Harmony interaction, especially how he uses the sex to try and get something to eat and his line about her open…arms. ;)
10. Hus is Chumash for bear so if anyone still spoke the language, they would’ve figured out he’d turn into a bear.
11. Syphilis is always funny.
12. There was always argument about how long Spike could stand outside in the daytime with the blanket over his head. They never could decide on anything.
13. Originally, she had a scene where Spike went into the kitchen and started sucking on the turkey baster, trying to get the blood out from inside it, but it was cut for just being too icky.
14. Xander, Anya, and Willow racing back to Giles’ house on bicycles was supposed to be the cavalry riding to the rescue.
15. The bear was actually the gentlest creature. It was kept in a pen of yarn that it never tried to escape from; it had been trained at an early age when the yarn had been electrified. It wasn’t any more, but the bear had learned its lesson. They were warned to still be careful around it, but Marti Noxon was completely unafraid of it and just hugged it to death.
16. She loves the final shot when Buffy learns that Angel had been there, especially the smirk on Spike’s face.

David and James’ Q&A followed the lunch break. I had a question that had been selected, so I queued early so that I’d be near the front of the line, but then, the woman two people before me, asked a question almost identical, so I stepped from the line. I was told I could ask another question but I couldn’t think of anything anyway, though I was really miffed that I didn’t get to ask the one I had. I only heard about half the Q&A, though, as this was when I started feeling really poorly and stepped out partway through. However, some of the highlights are:

1. The very first question was about the slash subtext, which prompted James to explode good-naturedly to David, "I *told* you it would come up." They both agreed Joss only did it to mess with them.
2. When asked what food makes them moan in ecstasy, David went back to his ice cream response. James replied, "Prosciutto and melon," to which David quipped, "Salty goodness." That didn’t help with all the slashy stuff, and elicited a huge laugh.
3. When asked what they would do if they only had 24 hours to live, David responded that he’d get back to his wife and slather her with Haagen Dazs, and James said that he’d spend it with his son and niece.
4. Someone asked if it was true that David suggested to Joss that they do "The Girl in Question" in drag. The look on James’ face was priceless as this was obviously the first time he’d ever heard such a suggestion.
5. They were asked who they whose parts they would’ve liked. David answered Harrison Ford and the Indiana Jones movies, and James answered John Savage in The Deerhunter.
6. One woman was nervous when she walked up to the mic and David went down and pulled her onstage, taking her place at the mic. He acted out being all shy and nervous, which was hysterical, and the woman quickly warmed up to the playacting, saying, "What’s your name, ducks?" which had been asked by the guys to some of the more nervous questioners prior in an attempt to make it easier for them. The interplay was hysterical, and James demanded she get a spot prize for what she did.
7. The final question was about how could vampires have erections if their blood didn’t flow. James replied first, jumping to his feet, throwing his arms and pelvis out, and saying loudly, "Rigor mortis!" David just stayed in his chair, shrugged nonchalantly, and said, "Hey, I’m just a walking hard-on." It was absolutely hysterical and the best way for them to finish their appearances.

This was where things starting downhill for me. I was completely out of it for the bulk of the rest of the day, only catching snippets of Amy’s and Luke’s Q&A’s. I missed the fanfic panel completely. I did manage to get through my autographs with James and David, but those are a blur. I don’t even remember what I said to James, and I’m pretty sure all I said to David was hi and thank you. The few bits I remember:

1. Amy is having a boy. They haven’t picked a name yet.
2. Amy giggles a *lot*.
3. Luke is a pro, through and through.

The farewell was split between David and James. David came out first and gave the most wonderful, heartfelt thank you to the fans. Then, James came out with an armful of flowers for the organizers and stewards that had been purchased by the audience (a woman had gone around collecting donations). Everyone exited the stage, with Lisa (the MC and one of the primary con organizers) and James pulling a GrArg Monster behind them. It was an amazingly warm way of ending the con, and completely encompassed the mood of the entire weekend.

So, my impressions:

JANE: Love her, love her, love her. She’s accessible, loves what she does, and is intelligent and articulate beyond belief. Plus, she loves Spuffy. How could you not love that?

JULIET: Elegant. Intelligent. A little aloof, but still very nice. I really enjoyed her Q&A on Sunday; I just wish I could’ve seen more.

AMY: Too damn cute for words. She’s such a giggler and wrinkles her nose in the cutest ways. And it’s thoroughly unfair that she’s 7 months pregnant and has this tiny little bump to show for it.

LUKE: I never watched 90210 and really had no opinion on Luke before seeing him this past weekend. I wouldn’t say I’m a raving fan of his now, but I certainly appreciate him more. He’s so warm upon meeting people, and good-looking to boot.

DAVID: OK, I’ll admit, I was never an Angel fan. I never thought of him as good looking. And I still don’t. David, however, is a gorgeous man. Photos and media just don’t do him justice. He’s a bit shy in one-on-one contact, but he got quite bright on stage. However, the man isn’t exactly on the bright side. And he’s a trifle obsessed with sex. Still, he has a charm that’s hard to ignore when he’s on, and I’m more willing to give him a bit of credit in some things than I was before.

JAMES: Ah, James. Our darling James. Sometimes I wonder if this is the same man I saw at Moonlight Rising. Whatever it is he’s done in the last 4 months, whatever it is that’s been said to him to get him to this place, he is more relaxed, more contemplative, more…serene than I’ve ever seen him. It’s as if he’s realized he doesn’t have to pretend any more, or something like that. He *definitely* is looking more his age, but I see this as a good thing (and all those new pictures where you can’t see the lines under his eyes? Airbrushed, most definitely.). He’s still sexy as hell, and charming, and always has a smile that reaches his eyes when he looks at you.

I didn’t see his MTV appearance, so I only have what I saw at the con to base my opinions on. I know there’s a certain dislike around for some of his behavior, but I saw absolutely nothing this weekend that I’d constitute inappropriate. Occasionally, he’d do or say something that would make me raise my eyebrows, but so did everybody else. (David’s comments about being more than 12” when they were raffling the 12” of Angelus figure were certainly ew-worthy.) But, he was also incredibly giving, stepping back on the occasions when it wasn’t about him and letting others have their spotlight. He’s a professional, and it’s obvious he truly cares for these people he’s surrounded with. More than ever before, I’m proud to be one of his supporters. He’s proven to me time and time again that he deserves it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures because I left the camera at home so that Craig could get pictures of the kids at Halloween. I do, however, have the pictures I had taken at the con, as well as scanned the 3 new James shots, though many of you may have seen them already.

David, James, and Me: Like I said in my previous post, I *love* my picture with David and James. Don’t ask me why; I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Luke and Me: I opted to get a picture with Luke, only because I didn’t have anything for him to sign and thought this might be more fun anyway as I often get so tongue-tied in trying to find something to say to the guests.

James' new headshot

James' other new shot

James and his guitar

In spite of being ill, it was a fabulous weekend. Thank you so much to the incomparable psubrat and rockgoddes, all of Julie's angels who were in attendance, Jill and aunty_char, the magnificent denny_dc, and Valeria from Mexico (if you're on LJ, hon, I don't know your nick, sorry) who approached me and was so incredibly sweet and wonderful about my fic. I got to talk to quite a few people this weekend, and all of you are a big part of the reason why this con was just so worth it. (If I've forgotten anyone specifically, I'm sorry but my brain is just so darn mushy right now.)

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  • Some TV thoughts

    Craig and I did some TV watching this week. First, I got him to watch Leverage: Redemption. We loved the original show, and while I miss Timothy…

  • Sleepytimes

    Apparently, I'm still trying to catch up from our weekend away. I slept for four hours this afternoon after getting nine hours last night, and I see…

  • New chapter begins

    We got back yesterday from a four-day weekend in SoCal. It's the first time we've visited our friends after they moved, and it was just a real treat.…