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First Halloween report

I arrived Wednesday and spent the night at my in-laws, catching up and the like. I’d slept well on the flight and managed to stay up until 11pm, but woke up at 1am completely wide awake, meaning I was a little tired the next morning. My coughing was getting worse, but I still felt somewhat OK, so ventured into London to meet up with rockgoddes and psubrat to go see Highgate Cemetery. I was surprised to see rusty_halo, 10zlaine, and vampgaia joining us, which was a treat. Highgate was fun, but the walking around seriously depleted my reserves, and by the time psubrat and I got around to checking into our hotel, I’d lost most of my voice and was running a fever. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the dinner arrangements with i_digress_uk because I was just so out of it.

Friday morning, I woke up to learn that psubrat had managed to throw her back out. She was in incredible pain and my fever hadn’t really gone away so after an aborted attempt to get her some painkillers and the like, we ended up back at the hotel where she rested for the afternoon and I slept, trying to get rid of my fever. I woke up in time for us to go register for the con, though I was lagging in serious ways. We ran into the wonderful denny_dc who wanted to go out to dinner. This somehow stretched into being at the Italian restaurant down the street from our hotel until almost midnight, and then in her hotel room (she was staying at the same place we were) until 1:30. When I got back to my room, I discovered a note from i_digress_uk and the_royal_anna saying that they’d waited for me in the bar, hoping to catch up. I was supposed to call i_digress_uk that day but with the fever and the like, I’d not gotten the chance. I was horribly upset and felt so guilty that they’d come all the way out to see me. Then, 5 minutes later, there was a knock at the door and there they were!

After much crying and explanation, we settled in for a wonderful visit. The girls stayed until after 4am, and by the time I fell asleep it was 5am. Guess what time I got up to get ready for the Saturday convention? 6am. So I went into the first day of the con after been laid up with fever for a day and a half on an hour’s sleep. Go me. Still, the visit I had with them was more than worth it.

So, Saturday. Since I’d registered Friday night, I just had to go in and find a seat. There was already a long queue for merchandise (James’ line was at least 4 to 5 times longer than David’s when I arrived, and there were many times when David didn’t have one and James did. Of course, James’ table was also selling the pics for the other guests and ticket opps for autographs/photos, so that contributed a little bit. I hope.). I decided to go ahead and queue because I didn’t want to risk not getting the pictures I’d promised people, and was still queueing when Jane started her Q&A. One of my questions had been selected to ask her on Sunday, but they announced that they were combining them all in one day so that she could do a commentary to Pangs on Sunday instead. I didn’t want to leave my place in the queue so I ended up not asking her a question. Some highlights from her Q&A:

1. She’s currently working on a pilot for Fox, called “Utopia.” She joked during her commentary on Pangs on Sunday that she has a thing for naming young innocent guys Jamie, because that was the name of one of the characters in the pilot as well as the guy in the Pangs teaser.
2. She was asked how much of James’ personality is in Spike, and she said none. She said that James is just too much of a nice guy and a goofball, and has a completely different energy than Spike.
3. She was so supportive of fanfic writers every time she spoke. She has great admiration for the love and hard work writers pour into it.
4. When asked if she preferred writing standalone episodes or ones that are part of the bigger arc, she said standalones, and cited “The Trouble with Tribbles” from the original Star Trek as an example of how standalones are often so well remembered where arc episodes tend to get swallowed into the whole storyline.
5. Someone asked about the Oedipal nature of Angel/Darla, and she talked about how she felt that Darla was really the love of Angel’s life. Of course, she had to add that this freed Buffy up for Spike. Gotta love this woman.
6. Her favorite season of Buffy is Season 5.

There was a small break, and I was talking to denny_dc when we noticed they were leading the guests in along the side to take them backstage for the welcome that was to follow. We immediately spotted James and just followed him with our eyes until they disappeared in the front. Then, a man stepped out onstage with his back to us. He was only there for a few seconds, but I turned to denny_dc and commented, "I think that was David." We were horribly amused because we hadn’t even noticed he was part of the entourage, since we were so fixated on James.

Then came the welcome, where all the guests came out and said a few words in greeting. Everyone was wonderfully gracious, and for being as pregnant as she is, Amy Acker’s bump was tiny! I’ll say it here, David is *much* better looking in person than he is in photos or on TV. He’s lost a bit of weight and looked *fantastic*. And this comes from someone who has never thought he was in the slightest bit attractive before.

They switched around David and James’ Q&A’s so that David went first. He was nervous at first, but soon relaxed into it. Some highlights:

1. After a bit of coaxing from the audience, David sang “Mandy,” and no, he really *can’t* sing. He also did a small bit of Angel’s dancing, which was absolutely hysterical.
2. Someone asked what project he and his wife were currently doing in their home as it was mentioned in InStyle that they liked doing that kind of thing. They’re currently trying to work on their back yard, as Jaden is getting older and they want to some day have more kids, so the room is necessary. He also related how they hadn’t had a kitchen for a long time because of DIY stuff and they ate a lot of takeaway as a result. He was eating Pizza Hut twice a week during that time period.
3. David had a bit of a problem understanding accents. There were multiple times he had to ask people to repeat their question. The first time it happened, he finally just looked at the woman quizzically and asked, “You want to see Angelus in the Netherlands?” She’d been asking about Angelus’ malevolence. Later on, when the audience tried to help him understand another word he wasn’t getting, he kind of jumped back in his seat, held his hands up and said with a huge grin, “Whoa! Little aggressive there, don’t you think?” And then proceeded to ask the woman to repeat the question yet again, ignoring the help he got from the audience.
4. When asked about the Dido video, he admitted to not recognizing her when he met her the first time. He’d gone in for the costume fitting and looked right at her and asked her what she did. He enjoyed the shoot, but he said it was a very long two days and he probably wouldn’t do another.
5. Throughout the Q&A, he was very heartfelt about his son and his father, mentioning both several times. He said his father was his hero.
6. When asked about what he thought would be the most romantic weekend away, he mentioned the Maldives as he’d just seen some ads for it. He then went off on a tangent about his wife and slathering her with ice cream, which started his whole food/ice cream jokes for the rest of the weekend.
7. The man can’t sit still in a chair. He was constantly tipping it back on its back two legs and rocking it. I’ll admit, at one point, I was watching the screen behind him where they were projecting it for people in the back to see, and I was completely fixated on the way his hips kept rocking in these movements, back and forth and back and forth. He’s gotta be aware of what that looks like. And no, I’m not perving on the man. It’s merely an observation. Even if he is hot.

James Q&A came after the lunch break. The question I’d submitted for evenstar_estel had been selected, so I spent most of my time in the queue waiting for it to be answered. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled about it; I’d lost my voice on Friday and was incredibly hoarse, but I did it anyway. However, by the time I got up to the front of the queue, I was shaking like a leaf and probably came across as a huge fool. Anyway, here are some of the highlights:

1. He was asked if he could travel around the world with anyone (I think that was the context), who would it be. He immediately said the name of a friend who works for the Sierra Club, and launched into a story about going climbing with him. James had worn the wrong kind of shoes and they were going down a fissure, and he just wanted to get down to a certain spot. Well, he slipped, and got himself stuck. When his friend came down to help him, he got stuck there, and they just held themselves there, trying to keep each other’s spirits up that they were going to get out of it and taking their time to get out.
2. A mother asked her very shy daughter’s question about Eeyore, and he did this adorable Eeyore impression for her. It was darling.
3. He was incredibly diplomatic about “The Mountain.” A 2-day shoot stretched into four days, but he was very positive about Penn Badgley who plays his son on the show, saying that they both liked jazz and talked a bit while they were there. The WB wanted him to do more publicity for it, but he thought it was bad that a guest star did something like that.
4. He spent a fortune on CD’s at Virgin while he was in London, but he was excited about getting a lot of the titles off his list.
5. He was asked about kissing another man, told about the kiss with Nicholas Brendon, but he told other stories about pretending to kiss with a buddy in high school because he lived in such a homophobic area (they did it to push buttons and get into fights, pretty much) and about a play he did where he played a gay man.
6. In response to evenstar_estel’s question, he said that he doesn’t paint any more and that when he did, he did still lifes. He was fascinated by shape and shadows and once spent a whole afternoon trying to get a sunflower against a brick background to look right. It’s entirely different from his needing to play the guitar, though. Playing music for him is about being more mature, whatever that means.
7. He talked briefly about how he always wanted Spike to give Buffy a garden because it was something that was alive that could be just for her. I’m not sure what prompted this, though.
8. They were giving out raffle prizes in 10-lot increments over the weekend at the end of each of the Q&A’s. When someone in the balcony won, James crawled around the speakers at the side of the stage and seriously looked like he was contemplating how to get up there and give it to her. Silly, silly man.
9. In that same vein, when told there was “12 inches of Spike” to be won (meaning a figure), he commented that we’d be disappointed because he was only 10½”. Naughty boy. ;)

I missed the Q&A’s in the afternoon because of having to queue for my autographs with Juliet and Jane, and my picture with David and James. I delivered evenstar’s painting of Juliet that she’d done, and she was incredibly pleased with it, saying how lovely it was and that she loved the shadows in it.

With Jane, I babbled for 5 minutes about how much I loved her. I’m sure none of it came out coherent, and I don’t remember what she said back to me.

And my picture. I knew what it was going to look like because they already had some of the pictures out for people to collect, so I knew I’d be standing between the two guys. I was so busy talking to soulmate815 (who was working the photo room) that I had to be prompted to go up to the guys. James greeted me first with a wide smile and the like, and I immediately apologized again for being so hard to understand during my question (I’d apologized when I asked it because I started it and he couldn’t understand, asking me to repeat the first part over again). He said it was absolutely not a problem and that my voice actually had this great rock star quality to it which made it incredibly sexy. Silly man.

David was smiling and friendly when I greeted him, as well, but it was all over way too quickly. However, I *love* my picture with them. Yes, James looks like a goofball and David’s giving the same smirk he gave in most of the other pics, but for some reason, this one just gets to me. Love it, love it, love it. I'll scan it in tonight and post it in the second part of my report.

There was a break until the evening events so we went and got something to eat. They were also showing videos and episodes, as well as other things David, James, and Luke had done (like the Millennium episode and David’s Married with Children episode), so we were well entertained during the in-between bits. sdwolfpup? Your vids were an absolute hit. "A Little Fall of Rain" got huge applause and the "United States of Spike" was a weekend favorite, specifically requested to be one of the final two vids they showed on Sunday (the other was the "West Hollywood Lifestyle" one for Angel which bookended yours wonderfully).

The evening’s entertainment started with David and James’ commentary of "The Girl in Question." There were some technical things at first because David had no clue what was going on and wanted to hear the audio, but then you couldn’t hear the guys so they turned the audio back off. It ended up just being David and James riffing along with the show, making mock dialogue and poking fun at most of the stuff. All silly. Highlights include David pointing out that James kept staring at the Italian CEO’s breasts (which turned into hysteria every time the audience caught Spike glancing down during their scenes with her), James doing the Burkles’ voices in an absolutely ridiculous rendition of what was going on in that part of the episode, and the sound effects David did during the scooter scene. James commented he got hurt when the Vespa wiped out, too.

They gave away the breakfast raffle then, and of the 10 people who got selected, 4 were men. This wasn’t actually indicative of the ratio of the con, but I was rather pleased that so many got to go. I’m sure it made it more comfortable for the guys.

David didn’t do the Halloween reading. Instead, he spent his time giving out prizes to memorable people at the con, including aunty_char, the woman who sat in seat 666, and others. He was incredibly warm and genuine during this, and I think I probably enjoyed this more than if he’d done the reading.

James was last, wearing the shirt that so many seemed to hate in his MTV appearance and ripped jeans. Personally, I thought it worked. It was a performance and from my seat, he looked damn good. He was admittedly very nervous as it was his first solo performance in 2 years, but after a shaky start, he seemed to settle in to it. He told us that the CD should be out next spring (April, I think).

His left hand was hurting halfway through the set, so he took a break to rest it and told a story about one of his theater experiences. It was a play he was producing, directing, and starring in, and they were rehearsing in a church basement. The reverend showed up during their final dress just a few minutes from the end at a very emotional moment, and completely through everything out of whack, simply because it was "my church and I want to see the play." James fought the urge to deck him there, and instead punched the floor, which, being a church basement, meant that it was concrete underneath. He broke his hand and went to emergency, but because he was poor and didn’t have insurance, they couldn’t do much. The doctor basically broke his hand every couple weeks after that because it was the only way to get it to heal properly without the splint that was necessary. Kind of explains why his left hand knuckles look the way they do now, huh?

The set was really good, but it’s the usual ballad/love song stuff that James excels at. Songs about the women he’s wanted, the women he couldn’t get, the women he wants to go away…that kind of thing. Are we sensing a theme here? Still, he poured his heart into it, and it’s hard not to be affected by how much of himself he gave to it.

I’m going to cut this short for now, since it’s so long, and do another post about Sunday and my overall impressions of stuff. Sunday's won't be nearly as long as I was ill for a good part of it, but I did have my picture taken with Luke Perry, got my autograph with the adorable Amy Acker, and James and David's Q&A.

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  • Back on the elliptical

    I went back to the gym tonight. It's been way too long, but I'm overdue and it doesn't do me any good to keep procrastinating. I'm rather proud of…

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