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Monday Weigh-in

- Good: I'm down another pound, making my 4-week loss 8 pounds so far.

- Bad: Times I got to the gym last week? Zero. My MWF schedule got blown out of the water by Alex's stitches, rogue ants in our house, and trip preparation. And I can't go today again because of all the kids' doctors appointments and trip stuff I have to do today. Sigh.

- Good: I didn't have any crazy binges during the week that I need to be guilty of. Yesterday morning, I had my first frappuccino in over a month, and I got the light in the smallest size available. Go me. :)

- Bad: Eating out in England is a lot harder when you're watching what you eat. I may end up eating very, very little as a result. Hopefully I'll be too busy to notice.

- Very, very good: I've been able to graduate 2 pairs of jeans from my 2nd pile to my now-I-can-wear-them pile. I'm particularly squeeing about one pair because they used to be my favorites. I knew they'd be the first pair I'd be able to get into, but still, I'm rather chuffed about the whole thing, so don't even care that the scale only says 1 pound this week.

I leave Tuesday afternoon. Today is shot for me---Alex is getting his stitches out, Alicia has a physical and shots this morning, I have more running around to do to get stuff for MIL to take with me, as well as laundry and ironing to finish before I go. Craig has asked his usual when I leave (that I write out meal plans and a map to the kitchen so that he knows where everything is, as well as laying the kids' clothes out for every day that I'm gone). I'd blow it off except I know if I don't do the food stuff, the kids will be eating at Denny's and McDonald's all week. Plus, I have to get all the bills paid and the rent taken care of before I go because Craig will get too busy to do anything (this is the same man who didn't check the post once in the 4 days I was in Oakland). And I haven't started packing yet because of the need to go and buy more stuff for the family in England. I'm going to try and get all my e-mail caught up before I go, probably tonight or tomorrow.

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