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Just general whinging

Still feel like crap. Don't you hate those sneezes that try and sneak a cough in somewhere in the middle? I can't stop those and my chest feels like it has been scraped raw. Plus, re-read what I wrote yesterday on the Voices chapter and have decided half of it is crap. Rewriting is a bitch.

At least Craig stayed home today so I had help in trying to get things done. We ran to Tesco's this morning because there was absolutely nothing in the house to eat, and of course, now that there is, I don't feel like cooking. I swore to him we'd go back to the low-carb thing after we got back from D*C, but I didn't take into account being sick. Do you think I might be able to use this to my advantage somehow? Maybe I'll play on his love of chicken dansak to order an Indian takeaway...

Of course, the laundry is still strewn all around my bedroom from where I was sorting it because I decided to lie down this afternoon and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours. My body needed it because I feel a lot better than I did (which just means I feel half dead instead of completely dead) but I didn't get half of what I wanted done.

OK, whinging over now. Off to try and not get soaked with the kids' baths.

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