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Thy Name is Lemming

Craig and I cracked today. We actually went out and got Tivo. I remember first reading about this in SFX I don't know how many years ago, and wanted it then, but after time thought that it was silly because we'd never use it. I guess we'll see now. Craig wants it primarily because of CSI and he's spent most of the afternoon configuring it. When asked what shows I was interested in, I could only give him 4: a cooking show I've caught all of once, The Apprentice, Boston Legal, and Joey. And Joey was really, really stretching it. I hadn't realized how little television I was watching these days until I had to list them, but really, nothing else interests me enough right now to follow.

And speaking of TV, School Hard is on in an hour. Vintage Spike with crappy accent. Can't wait. :)
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