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Up, up and away...maybe

Does life ever get easy?

Wanna hear the latest to potentially throw my life into temporary chaos? There is serious talk at Craig's office about training in the UK.

*Craig* training people in the UK.

For anywhere between 4-8 weeks.

Ideally, it needs to happen beginning in November, but Craig needs a vacation so he's going to try and nix that. Craig doesn't want to go that long without me and the kids, though. Which is nice, but the thought of being uprooted for that long isn't a fun one.

So, we talked about it this morning and decided that if it could happen around Christmastime, that might be acceptable. Leave early December and then come back to CA in January. This way, the kids get the holidays with their grandparents, Alex's birthday get celebrated with grandparents, and the company will foot part of the bill.

None of it's a done deal, of course. It may not happen at all, though Craig is of the opinion that they *really* need Craig to be the one who does the training.


Just when I thought things were settling down...
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