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Perchance...oh, please no

I'm far too susceptible to my dreams. They're almost always vivid, and very often, the emotions in them trickle over into the waking hours. Sometimes, they inspire me (the piano/scales scene in Black Satin Voices is straight out of one of my dreams) and sometimes they haunt me.

Today, I'm sad. Stupid dream.

It was a Buffy dream (surprise, surprise). I was Buffy, but I was dead and a ghost and haunting Spike, Dawn, and Joyce. Turns out I'd died some time in the beginning of S5, and the 3 of them were trying to cope with my being gone. And all I could do was stand around and watch.

So...sad this morning. I'm so irrational.

I'm going to bury myself in the mundane chores of housework this morning to try and shake it. I can't face Christmas morning in Frost with this mood. No way will it be a very merry Christmas if I do.

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