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Today is both my blurb deadline and the day to send out the William ficathon assignments, so I only have time for a quickie post this morning.

First of all, if you haven't already, please head on over to Walk with Heroes and vote. This is a wonderful awards site dedicated to non-romantic fic run by the fabulous sadbhyl There are a whole bunch of amazing fics nominated, so support your favorite writers and vote. :)

Secondly, though I've read every comment, I haven't had time yet to say thank you individually or to answer questions that were made to my last post. So, I just wanted to give a blanket thank you here while I can so that you know how appreciative I am of the support. *hugs* I hate giving them as much attention as I have; it just doesn't seem productive in any sense of the word. I have better and more important things to do than give such negative energy more room to fester. Time to move onward and upward. :)

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