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Busy as a bee

I didn't get around to answering my e-mails last night, nor did I do my blurbs, so I'm cutting myself off from my online distractions today so that I can meet my deadline. I'll get around to them when I'm done.

And further proof that nobody is safe from my evilness...

In spite of his protestations that he had work to do, once Craig's CSI was over last night (the one hour he always allows himself as a break from work), I proceeded to jump him, and spent the next hour in bed instead of at a laptop. Sure, he went back and worked for a few more hours after we were done, but needless to say, I'm a much happier camper today. :)

Of course, I think his clients hate me, but oh well. I think we're both a bit more relaxed now. ;)

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