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We found out today my MIL is getting surgery done on her knee, but unfortunately, won't know for at least two months when it's going to be. Ah, the joys of the NHS. At least she knows what's wrong with it now. It's been bothering her for months.

This news, however, changes our family plans. Craig and I had been arranging a Disney vacation for 2 weeks in November, flying his parents out to see the kids and be around so that we could actually go on roller coasters and have fun. ;) It was the reason I'd started so soon on my Christmas cookies because I thought I was going to lose most of November. Well, Mary's problems with her knee rules all that out, so now we're in debate mode trying to figure out what to do instead. Craig needs a proper vacation from work or he's going to explode. We just don't know what or when that's going to be now.

Hit my 3000 words already for today, so there should be a new Frost chapter up tomorrow. No more NC17 for a few chapters, folks. Got some issues to resolve first.

In case anyone on my FL has been nominating at LLGA in the past couple days, I've had to throw out nearly all the new nominations for not supplying the URL's to the story. I don't normally warn people about this, but seeing as nominations end tomorrow night, I want to give people a chance to try again before the deadline.

God, can my life be any more boring? At least my ironing is done...

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