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Sometimes, it's just a bad day

Been mostly offline for the past two days. Yesterday was spent doing Christmas shopping during the day, and then at the park with the kids until dinnertime. Got my chapter posted last night (for which I still owe mucho responses) and answered a few e-mails, but that was it until just about half an hour ago. We were out all morning doing errands and more shopping, and then this afternoon was just Alicia and I while Craig and Alex went sailing.

I did manage to get my 3000 words done for the day, however, when Alicia decided---for some inexplicable reason---to clean her room. If all goes well, the next Frost chapter should be up tomorrow.

Still in a cranky as hell mood, though. Took a few risks with dinner and it turned into a disaster, which meant running across the street to Boston Market if we wanted to eat. And then my son seems determined to get on my last nerve. So Craig and I are watching Kill Bill 2 tonight, and I'm going to try and shake this ill humor, and I'll get around to responding to all my e-mails and comments in the morning when I'm in a friendlier mood.

In this sad day in our history, though, I just want to give a silent prayer for everyone who was affected. I am in no place to offer more than that, but it's my sincerest wish that you and your loved ones are safe and treasured today.

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