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Attorneys and accountant and INS, oh my!

So, the appointment at the attorney's went well. Too well. Everything seems to be pretty easy since Craig is about as clean as you can spit polish and the company's footing the bill.

The only serious hang-up is my taxes. See, I did this silly thing while I was living in the UK. I never filed. I figured I wasn't working, so what was the point? And then kept putting it off when I knew I had to do it anyway, and now it's come back to scream at us because we have to produce the last 3 years of tax returns for the green card application.

So, off we go to the accountants'. Who explains that my filing now is super-easy because I didn't work the last 3 years (my freelancing started in 2004, and so will be covered in next year's filing, which of course, I'll do since I'm back in the country and actually earning money). it?

Part of the green card issue is my signing an affidavit of support. Basically, it says that I will be fiscally responsible for Craig so that he never becomes a public charge. Divorce doesn't sever the agreement, so it's taken pretty seriously (only death and permanent extradition seem to be the way to end the agreement). So...our problem arises, do we need to show that I can support Craig? In which case, my having tax returns that say I earned zero amount of money for the past 3 years will screw us. But, if we file married-jointly, then we have to go through all these hoops regarding everything that was earned in the UK in a whole bunch of different ways, countering the taxes that Craig's already paid, and taking into consideration the time he spent in the US on business trips (which, apparently, the US government can tax, though he was working for a UK company at the time, go figure). There's also an option of filing married-separately, but that's got it's own set of issues. Neither option of filing married is an easy---or cheap---one.

So, now we're waiting to hear from the attorney regarding what INS wants to actually see on the tax returns. She wasn't very definitive during our meeting, but it was the last issue that was raised so didn't get nearly as much time as everything else. Fingers crossed we get to take the cheaper and easier route.

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