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So much to do, so little time

Busy day. I've been up since 6am so I could get stuff done early and am about to hit the shower before anyone else has risen. Craig and I have an appointment with the attorneys today about his green card issue, so we're dropping the kids off at nursery together and then heading into San Francisco. Fingers crossed they don't tell us anything bad, though it really should be a good meeting. They've been only positive in all the e-mail correspondence.

The foot has closed nicely, though I still have a good-sized bandage on it. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. :)

And you wanna know a serious incentive to sticking with your diet? Catching a rear glimpse of yourself in the full-length mirror when you bend over to kiss your daughter good night. In PJ shorts. Blech, blech, and double blech. If I wasn't fighting this summer cold, I'd be at the gym right now.

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