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Last D*C report

OK, this isn't very detailed, only because I'm numb with laughter...

Just got back from the Buffy panel, and haven't laughed that hard in ages. It would be impossible for me to try and recreate it. The riffs these people did, going back and forth, at lightning speed and often overlapping, is going to drive anyone who is going to transcribe it absolutely buggy. Can we say tangents? Not nearly as many questions got answered because they would just go off, but it was an absolutely excellent time.

One thing to note: James started out by offering a blanket apology to anyone who was at his Q&A yesterday. He admitted that he had deliberately tried to show her what it felt like to be asked to do such a thing, and was not expecting her to just not care. He apologized to anyone who was offended by it. Very classy, I thought.

A lot of teasing was done at James' expense by the other male members, joking about his fame and notoriety this weekend, but it was all done in good humor. Iyari actually spoke very little; frankly, she probably couldn't get a word in edgewise with the men there. Leary and Strong were constantly cracking jokes (Danny joked about having a book about haikus coming out soon featuring him and SMG, it was very funny).

Oh, another important thing: Someone asked James how long he was signed on for Angel, and he said 2 seasons. His goal is to have Angel last longer than Buffy, he said. This absolutely devastated Andy Hallet, and he just kept shaking his head about not being able to handle all that make-up for that much longer. Later on, when someone asked if Spike would ever sing for Lorne, James said only if the show lasted 14 seasons becaues they would probably be really reaching for ideas at that point. Andy just fell apart at that. "14 seasons? Are you kidding me?" Hysterically funny.

One of the better bits came when someone asked James about how much Spike was in James. He said that Spike was his anger and Joss' humor, and then went on to say that he is not a nice person when he's mad. That in fact, he's an asshole. He pointed to someone in the first row then, and said, "You know. The airplane? I can be an asshole, right?" Obviously there was some story there, but the next person came up to the mic to ask a question. Things got sidetracked then, because Andy pulled out his wallet and began trying to bribe whoever it was in the first row to tell the story, starting with a single bill, then going to $40, and finally asking her if she'd take a credit card.

There are so many more bits, but I'm sure others will be able to come up with them better than I. My face hurts from so much laughing.

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