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Just D*C stuff

Just some more D*C stuff...

Just to clarify, it was a hug without a bra or shirt on the girl, and though we were seated fairly far back, I think she was probably in her early 20's.

SOmeone actually asked James why he still does the conventions. He was very quick to respond, "You." Meaning the fans. He grew up going to cons and loves them. It seemed like he would be reluctant to give them up, although after the incident today, he may change his mind.

Angstchic and I went and got our photo done with Andy Hallet, and had a blast. The man is a hugger! We got our pic taken together, one on each side, and angstchic told him as we got into position, "We intend to have more fun with you than should be possible." He laughed and just hugged us in even tighter. I'm really hoping that the picture turns out well because I'm so looking forward to seeing it. I am definitely feeling the Lorne love. Angstchic is worried her hair was too smushy in the picture because he was holding us too tight, though.

I went and got another autograph from James while we were waiting to get our photo with Andy, and got my Storm Front CD's signed. There was next to no line at that point, so I had a few minutes to talk to him, and brought up an issue that is actually very close and important to me, which sparked a rather serious conversation between us (I'm not 100% comfortable talking about the details, though, so please pardon me if I'm vague about this). Let's just say that my respect for the man---if it was possible---has gone up by about 1000%.

As we were waiting for the photo, too, Jim Butcher showed up with his wife and James jumped from his seat to go off to the side (which happened to be by us) to talk to him. It is very clear these two have such a high respect for each other, and I'm very glad they had a chance to talk. When I talked to Jim Butcher yesterday when I got my stuff signed, he was asking me if I knew anything about James' schedule as he really wanted to see him. I'm glad he did.

The masquerade is tonight, but we're having a night in as witchipoo is showing up so that we can finally meet. We just got back from the Hard Rock Cafe, and I'm a little buzzed from my pina coladas. I've met so many nice people this weekend, and today has definitely been one of the best. Of course, I think I said that yesterday as well...


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