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I am mucho behind in my day. I ended up being awake from 1am until almost 4:30am, but Craig was a darling and let me sleep until 8:30. However, getting mostly caught up on LJ comments and reading through my e-mail (I still have to respond to people who mailed privately; that'll happen this afternoon or tonight) has taken a chunk of my day already.

However, a bright spot so far was stepping onto my scale and finally seeing a proper dip in the number. I missed working out this morning, but I'm going to go tonight to make up for it. And I imagine being too busy to eat this weekend is going to help in that department, too. Finally. :)

And it's weird not to be kicking myself to do any writing. I'm going to still get a Frost chapter up before I leave for Oakland on Thursday, but I'm taking the next day or two to focus on getting ready for the trip and for psubrat's arrival on Wednesday night. I'm hitting a couple more stores today in search of something non-mommy to wear and I'm finishing up all the laundry, ironing, and cleaning. I'm writing in my head, though; my Spuffy ficathon assignment is due next week and I've finally decided on which of the bunnies I'm going to feed. I picked one that won't lead to a longer fic, only because I can't concentrate on yet another epic, but it does have multiple chapters. Well, three of them. Which constitutes a multiple.

On a totally random note, my son looks like a lobster today. Craig forgot to put sunscreen on his face when they went out on the boat yesterday and the poor little guy looks like someone dropped the top half of his face in boiling water. For some inexplicable reason, his jaw and beneath his mouth is still pale while the rest of him is red. Go figure.

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