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Insomnia sucks

Well, it's 1am. Funny, but my body doesn't seem to think so. I fell asleep relatively early (about 10pm) and woke up half an hour ago wide awake. This is *so* not good. I have too much to get done tomorrow to afford to lose too much sleep tonight. Plus, I don't anticipate getting a lot of sleep in Oakland this coming weekend, so getting it now would kind of be a good thing.

I had a long and helpful chat with my mother-in-law this morning about Mark's death. She listened to me prattle on for a good half hour about everything, and then offered her own tidbits of advice. It's odd, because we're very similar in a lot of ways---including being highly emotional about some stuff---so it felt just really right to share some of the stuff with her. I did my usual self-apology when I was done---because in spite of my wishes to the contrary, I still automatically assume I've stepped on toes by talking to people and will apologize for it---and then she said something that just a) totally took me by surprise and b)warmed me through. She told me she'd really enjoyed chatting with me because she missed my particular kind of babbling. Made me smile. Mainly because when I'm on the phone---and often one-on-one as well---I can be quite scatty, because of being easily distracted momentarily by other topics and then swinging back into the subject at hand as if I'd never left it.

Ah well. I think I'll try and go read a bit before attempting sleep again. It has to come eventually, right?

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