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More Q&A stuff from D*C

Just got back from the Q&A this afternoon, and have a small report...

They said in the beginning that the format for the Q&A would be slightly different---questions would be moderated and people would queue in the aisle to wait to ask it. Well, before the questions could really get under way, a girl from halfway back yelled for James to take off his shirt. His immediate response was, "No," rather firmly, followed very quickly by, "Who said that?" The girl took ownership of asking and stood up, and he asked her to come up to the stage. Once she was up there, he asked if she was wearing a bra. Now, this was not a small person, dressed completely in black, and when she told him she was wearing a bra, he basically dared her to take her shirt off first. So, she did, leaving her bra in place. The shirt didn't really come off, she just kind of pushed it down around her waist, but her arms were out and everything. She said something along the lines of, "My shirt's off now," to which he said, "No, it isn't." And that's when we got the show. Bra came off in all her not-so-pretty glory. James turned bright red---it was very obvious he was not expecting her to go through with it---and then said, "You rock," and gave her a huge hug for having the nerve to do it in front of a huge auditorium of people. He still refused to take his shirt off, but the whole thing kind of shook him up because he really, really, really wasn't expecting her to take him up on his dare.

That was really the only bad part of the Q&A. The questions were very closely monitored, many of them really making James think, talking about acting theory, a lot of stuff about theater, and the like. It was quite serious compared to Friday's session, and frankly a lot of it blurred together. He joked at the end of the session that we all deserved class credit or something for sitting and listening to him (he kept saying he didn't know what he was talking about, that it was just him and shouldn't be taken so seriously). To be honest, the only thing that is really jumping out at me at the moment (other than the flashing thing) was a girl at the end of the session.

Everyone who was asking a question had to wait in the aisle on their knees, so that they didn't block anyone's view. Well, this one girl got up to the front to ask her question, and started out by commenting that she had rug burn on her knees now from having to wait for an hour. He made a comment about it being an image that would stay with him, and she answered back by saying, "Well, it's just that I've got the rug burns and not the story to tell my friends." James said, "Just make something up." Then, as an afterthought, he blurted out, kind of drawling it, "Just make me large." Everybody burst out into laughter, and when it died down, he asked her what her question was. She was still kind of laughing and said, "I don't remember now."

The sweetest moment in the Q&A were when two girls came up to the mic to wish him a Happy Birthday, and to tell him that their birthday was on Tuesday. He just melted, asking their names, and then how old they were. They're going to be 8, they replied. James smiled, said congratulations, and added, "I just turned a lot older." He was rather smitten with them (they did sound really cute), and commented how he'd love to take them home but he's already taking care of 2 kids there and didn't have room. He then asked where the mom was and congratulated her on having such cute kids.

Like I said, a lot of the other questions got really heavy and talked about the same thing, so I'm sure they'll show up in a transcription soon. These were the moments that stand out at the moment. I'm sure I'll remember more later, but I'm still in blur mode.

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