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Just a few more tidbits...

These are just some tidbits that I wrote up for some other people today about what's been happening here in Atlanta...

Back in the room for a little bit. Went to go see the Buffy people and found out when I got there that the line was obscenely long. I was lucky because Zarrah, angstchic, and Sandy were saving me a spot and so we got in. The room they were speaking in was incredibly small and could probably only hold 100 people or so; there were a LOT of people who were disappointed because they didn't jam everybody in. It meant however that we probably wouldn't see the 2nd panel as they would empty the room and fill it in with people out in the line. So, we opted to stay and watch James Leary and Andy Hallet, and passed on Danny Strong and Iyari Limon.

Smartest decision I have made yet this weekend.

I have not laughed that hard in ages. I can't even begin to start telling people what was said as things just went by so fast, but anyone who has seen these two men know they play off each other incredibly well, both are fast on the draw, and they're so damn funny. Andy just arrived; he was shooting Angel until 6pm yesterday and caught the redeye in. He apologized and held up his hands, saying he didn't want anyone to think that his hands were dirty, that it was actually green paint from shooting. He then proceeded to complain that he often found green paint coming from various "holes" in his body for days after it came off. That pretty much set the tone of the next hour.

Just various tidbits to enjoy:

Apparently, when Andy drinks, he gives away his shoes and often wakes up the next morning wondering where his shoes have gone.

James came with his best friend---someone he's known since he was 13---and though he'd made arrangements to have 2 beds, got a room with a single king-sized bed as that was all that was left. He said it made him feel like he was 13 again, to which Andy made an off-the-cuff comment about 13 being that experimental age.

Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof pitched an idea about Lorne's new club and even made up a t-shirt for Andy. It said, "Welcome to the grand re-opening of Lorne's Glory Hole. Entrance around the back."

They had a Buffy standee and an Angel standee in the room. When James arrived, the first thing he did was go up and accost the Buffy one, then turned around and did the exact same thing to the Angel one. Andy then made a joke later about James having a whole bunch of the standees at home, to which James responded "they don't last very long."

Andy has actually calculated how much time he's spent in the make-up chair (not that he actually counts that kind of thing, he kept claiming). The answer? 22.6 days.

Andy got in trouble once for only reading his parts in the script, because he was short on time. He was supposed to be going into W&H, which was bugged, and then hand something to Angel. He didn't know it was bugged or that he was supposed to be stealthy or anything, and turned it into this whole show, at which the director went, "Um, do you think you could be just a little more discreet about it?" He always reads the entire script now.

They are both incredibly thankful for the fans and fully give the fans credit for the longevity of their characters past the initial episodes they were scheduled for.

There's tons more but my mind is wiped from laughing so hard. I have now subscribed to the Andy Hallet love. If I can still get his photo, I am so there. We're about to go and try and get his autograph, too. James is scheduled to stop signing soon and with the GotR panel (which we're not going to because the queue for it was enormous already and since I've already seen them in Edinburgh, we decided to pass this time), the crowd should thin considerably around the Buffy people.

And also this...

Well, I now have both Storm Front and Fool Moon on audio, 4 of my Dresden books signed, and both of the audio sets signed by Jim Butcher as well. Nice man, rather dry humor, and quite fun to chat with. As he was signing my CD’s, he commented, “I’ll just sign them on this one side. Then, if by some chance you meet James Marsters in a dark alley some time, you can get him to sign it on the other side.”

I just laughed and said, “Oh, I think you can be pretty sure that if I run into James in a dark alley, getting his autograph is the last thing I’ll be trying to get him to do.”

Jim laughed at that and nodded. “Even though I’m a straight male,” he said, “it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate that that is one good-looking man.”

We went and got Andy Hallet’s autograph after that. The GotR panel had started so there was absolutely no line. There are still picture ops left with Andy (angstchic and I are going to get one taken together; we want a Lorne sandwich ), but the guy wasn’t there for them at the time so we have to go back later. I got Andy to sign my Chance poster and he started bitching about how he got left off the credits. He even was complaining that they credited the guy who wrote the songs and Andy was the one who sang all of them. It was very funny. We were actually the last ones to get anything today. He was sneaking out to eat and sleep because he was so wasted. Angstchic and I made a comment how we hoped he wouldn’t get caught, and he just gave us a wave of dismissal and said he didn’t care ‘cause he was going to do it anyway.

The banquet is in an hour with the GotR concert afterwards. People have been queueing all day to get into it so I’m not even beginning to harbor any suspicions that I’ll be anywhere near enough for pictures. However, 2 of the people who have been waiting all day are slayer chick and Luv, so I’m sure they will have a ton of pics to share. I took my camera with me to the JL and AH panel, but they weren’t allowing flash photography and I couldn’t get the flash turned off, so no pics from me there. Sorry. Craig’s going to show me how to fix that so that I can get pics tomorrow.

Speaking of Craig, he will finally be emerging from our room to go to the banquet. He and angstchic’s husband have been holed up in here for most of the day playing the Xbox angstchic’s hubby brought. Men.

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