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OK, here's some of the tidbits from the Q&A James had yesterday. There were over 1000 people so I'm sure somebody recorded it to transcribe later, so this is just briefly what I remember to give those who can't be here this weekend a taste.

He was asked almost immediately about his fitness regimen as the sleeveless shirt he wore made no secrets at how defined his arms are. He admitted to sit-ups and curls but said that he only does them about 15 minutes a day because once you're already in shape, it takes a lot less time to stay looking good.

People tried right away trying to get him to reveal how he was going to come back to life on Angel, but he avoided the answer (thank god!). He did talk about the nice thing about being on Buffy and not something like Star Trek was that on ST, they had to come up with a plausible technical reason for a lot of the stuff that happens whereas on Buffy, all they needed was a spell and poof, they could go straight into the story. His point in regards to the question was that it didn't matter so much how he got there as what he did when he did, which I liked.

He talked about working with DB and told some DB stories, about how the man was a professional and it was a pleasure to be working with him.

He spent a lot of time talking about stunts and Steve the stunt guy. A couple questions were asked in relation to this---the burning of his hand story (why he did it---because he thought it would be funny and has since learned just do what the damn stunt coordinator tells you), doing Smashed (relating how he'd get to kiss SMG then go take a nap in his trailer while Steve got thrown around, only to come back and kiss SMG some more), his knee (which he says is fine now in spite of not having the surgery but he hurt his right shoulder doing a stunt the other day so that's what hurts now).

He says that in spite of doing 100 plays and more, Spike is hands down the best character he's ever played, because he's gotten to play so many sides to him.

Somebody asked how he stayed humble considering how much his stuff went for on eBay. The eBay stuff got addressed first---they told him about the boxers, to which his response was he never wore underwear on the show but somebody corrected him about the boxers (he still doesn't remember wearing them, though). He had a hard time answering the question, though, and said that his was just the only visible work in a creation made by 300 people and he just tried to focus on that.

Someone commented about how SMG and DB used to do things to each other before love scenes in order to make the other crack, and asked if he and SMG ever did anything like that. He talked then about Method acting (don't do it for TV) vs Sarah's acting and how she could just turn it off and on, which he couldn't. He also did the tree teasing thing she used to do to him. One thing he commented during this was how Method acting messed him up so badly. He actually admitted that that was the reason he got so thin in season 6, that although he produced some great stuff acting-wise, it literally ate him alive to do it. I was impressed with how he took ownership of that and recognized what he'd done.

He says that he's working a lot more on Angel than he used to on Buffy and unfortunately it's affecting the band. They don't have time to do stuff and although they have the material for 3 albums, it doesn't look like they'll be able to get a new one out before Christmas like they'd hoped because of his time issues. He feels guilty about it because the band members are so good and he doesn't want to hold them back.

Someone asked him why Harmony? He said that it was for a lot of reasons---she looked a little like Buffy, he could use her without feeling guilty. Basically, she was a punching bag for all his anger regarding women at that time, and that he picked her because she would just take it and not hurt him back.

He was asked about his experience on Andromeda. He's never watched the episode because he has such issues with what they wanted him to do, and he absolutely hated the costumes. He wasn't happy with the dandy character they wanted him to portray and it kind of soured him to it.

He commented on his patch and said that he's been stressed and smoking the past 2 days because of having to be naked a lot. It sounded like it had something to do with filming Angel, but it was quickly dropped so I'm not sure.

When asked about fitting in Venetian Heat, he deferred to Steve Himber his manager, and said basically, he just gets on whatever plane Steve tells him to and does what he does when he gets there. He's obviously so excited about doing it---he called Derek Jacobi one of the top 5 actors currently alive in the world---but didn't go into too much detail otherwise.

Somebody asked for his advice to struggling actors. He spent 5 minutes talking about different things, but basically it boiled down to...only do it if it's what sustains you because you have to give so much other stuff up in order to do it.

When asked about which he'd do if he could do one for the rest of his life---theater, film or TV---he answered theater now that he didn't have to be poor.

He admitted to only getting into tv and film for the money but now he's fallen in love with it and talked about it painting in light.

At the end, he was talking about how the autographs and pictures were going to work, how he didn't personalize anything because he rather wanted that 30 seconds of real contact instead. He commented that if he wasn't sincere to anybody, they could just go ahead and spank him. Then, as kind of an afterthought about the photos, he said, "Oh, and don't grab my butt."

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