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I am not a social butterfly

It's a good thing I came home to good news because yesterday's barbecue bit the big one. Don't get me wrong; I really, really like the woman who threw it (she's the director of marketing at Craig's company). But when we arrived, there were about half a dozen other couples there, all with small children---and when I say small, I mean 18 months or younger---and after introductions were made, I stood there and listened to the women spend the next half hour discussing the caloric value of every pastry Starbucks offers. It went downhill from there and I spent the vast, vast majority of the day keeping an eye on my kids (a necessary thing anyway with at least half a dozen babies there, water pistols, and body paints left untended). At least the food was good. Wanna know why? Because she had it *catered*. Complete with guys in white coats. I did almost have a real conversation with a guy from Craig's work. He'd asked me about what it was like coming home into the current political environment, but my inebriated husband overheard and took over the talking. Let's just say that when Craig gets started, there's no interrupting him. I love the man, but boy can he talk.

However, I came home to some wonderful messages. The biggest was from vampkiss. She's gone and made me a fanlisting, if you can believe it! It's called Rhapsody, and I'm just blown away that someone would do something like that for me. Thank you, vampkiss!

Today is errand and household stuff day, so I'll be off and on throughout the day. My to-do list has just over 30 things on it, which isn't too bad considering. Wonder how much I'll actually get done...

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