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Wherein I wax rhapsodic about my hair

So, it's just now gone noon and I'm finally home after being gone for the past 3 1/2 hours. Took the kids to nursery and then spent the morning running errands, including gettig a long overdue haircut.

Have to say, I'm thoroughly in love with my hair right now. She cut 3" off and took it up to my shoulders, and then took my fringe a little shorter than I usually go. I usually stop there, but they were incredibly slow and we started talking about styling options. She suggested this curly thing, and then proceeded to set it for me using jelly rollers of all things, and would you know it? My hair---which hates perms and refuses to hold them for more than a month, and isn't too fond of curling irons either---loved it. And I've got this curly style that I've always wanted. And it stuck around even after another hour of being out in the wind doing my running around. It's been a long time since I liked my hair this much. I'm coloring it this weekend most likely, but I'm going for a richer red than I have in the past, not quite as orange. Hopefully it'll look good.

Got tons of e-mails that I need to get around to at some point today. I haven't forgotten you. At least I got my updating done at LLGA before I left this morning. Now, I can get some uninterrupted writing time before I go pick up the kids in a few hours.

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