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Preliminary DragonCon stuff

OK, here's some preliminary DragonCon stuff. Please take into consideration that I'm really, really, really tired, so I hope it makes sense.

Well, life is good here in Atlanta. The weather has cooled off nicely---not so much that it stopped James from wearing a sleeveless shirt highlighting very nicely sculpted arms during his first Q&A---and everyone has arrived safely, that we know about.

We arrived yesterday to be very pleasantly surprised by how nice the hotel is---that is, until our toilet overflowed, not once, but twice. We've had an engineer up to fix it twice now so hopefully it'll stay fixed this time. We're on the 36th floor, complete with glass elevators, and have to say it's a good thing I don't get too freaked out by it. I am a little, this thing moves fast, but still good fun.

The con pretty much started for everyone at 1 today. James was in a huge ballroom and by the time angstchic and I got to the room (1/2 hour early) it was packed. Luckily, a very nice guy had two empty seats next to him near the aisle fairly close to the front. James came out---sporting a patch as he's been smoking the past two days, poor guy---and in a sleeveless shirt, looking very buff and very blond. To be honest, angstchic and I haven't had time to organize our thoughts about the questions asked, so we'll try and do that for you and post it later. There were some new questions, some old questions, and a couple kind of embarassing questions (one girl was determined to get a kiss from him and just wouldn't shut up about it). He talked a lot about the technique of acting and giving advice to people considering it, as well as doing his Caliban (?) monologue for the group. He spouted his "Buffy loves Angel" line, which we kind of tuned out as well. All in all, a lot of nice stuff. Still incredibly real, and funny, and self-effacing. Definitely worth the silly stuff that popped up here and there during the hour.

We got lucky and got our husbands to get our photo ops as they started selling them at the same time as the Q&A. We are #26 and #27 with James and will get our pics taken on Sunday morning. We also got ops with Danny Strong (#4 and 5) and will get those done tomorrow morning. There's a huge queue downstairs right now for people waiting to get Buffy signatures. We got lucky. Craig had spent a lot of time talking to Danny during the Q&A because he wasn't mobbed, but he didn't get me a picture so we went down later. Well, we just walked up to him and angstchic asked if we had to wait in line or just stand there and get it. Danny said we could get it then. Well, turns out Danny was wrong, and the security guy wasn't too thrilled about it. Danny just kind of blushed, and went all hush-hush, and snuck me in anyway as he'd already said yes. Very nice guy and gorgeous eyes. Plus, sitting next to James, so bonus points there.

Angstchic and I just came back from getting James' autographs. I got my picture from Edinburgh signed and my Chance poster. When he saw the Edinburgh pic (which was signed first), he laughed and said, "Hey, we look like we're at the Oscars or something." I reminded him it was from Edinburgh and he was like, "Oh yeah." At that point, Craig leaned over (he'd been standing behind me) and said in a low voice just for James to hear, "And just so you know, I did get laid that night." James looked up then from signing and lit up when he recognized Craig, and said, "Hey, it's great to see you again, man." Craig asked him if he's getting any more sleep than he did when he was in the UK, and James said he's gotten 5 hours in the past 2 or 3 days. They talked for a bit about the concert, Craig saying that he's looking forward to the gig tomorrow night, and James said that he's fighting with the lead guitarist about not singing a song. I asked him which one, and he said, "Goodnight Sweet Girl." At that point, my face just fell, and I said, "Oh, no, you can't not sing that one. That's one of the best ones. Everyone will be so disappointed." But he said that because of the difficult range it has for him combined with the fact that he's gotten so little sleep, he just knows he'd end up slaughtering the song. He also told us that the rest of the band is arriving tomorrow.

When she got up there, Angstchic asked what he got for his birthday, if he got anything good. According to James, "Sleep and a new cell phone that works."

I made James Leary blush and spit with laughter. I'm so proud of myself.

We went and got James' autograph and when it came to my name, I told him I'd just spell it. Well, that started this discussion about the derivation of it, and last names and such. He told me his mother's maiden name (which was quite a mouthful), and I told him I could beat it. See, my great-grandmother's maiden name was Aenis, which unfortunately is pronounced like anus. He heard it, and just died, dropping to bury his head on the table from the spitting and laughing at hearing it. And I can very proudly say I was the cause of it.

Dead on my feet. Going to sleep now. Tomorrow is a busy day. Got pictures to be taken with Danny Strong in the morning and then parking ourselves for the Q&A in the afternoon. Not sure when I can post tomorrow as it's the busiest day for us here, but I'll try.

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