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Things to make me smile today

1. Went to Border's last night and finally got "Blood Rites." Now I can stop having to delete all the spoilery e-mails I get from my Jim Butcher list...well, I can when I get the chance to read it.

2. Bought Angel S1 on DVD last night. Craig cracked. Ha. :) And I get my Wesley in leather pants...yum...

3. Also bought "I Am Sam" on DVD. One of my favorite cry movies. I could never find it in the UK, so I was thrilled to get it here.

4. Pulled on my good ol' reliable sage cords today to find out that my scale has been lying to me. The numbers haven't budged, but for some reason, I need a belt to wear these today. Yay!

5. I most likely will have another Legions chapter to post tonight after our dinner company leaves. I just know these last chapters are going to fly too fast for me. I'm going to miss William.

6. Got my new blurb assignment today and get to do travel pieces instead of DIY or education. Woo hoo! Maybe now I won't leave them until the last minute. Ha. Yeah, right.

7. Received some wonderful feedback e-mails from people regarding the last few Legions chapters and my writing in general. I haven't had time to respond to all of them yet, but if you're reading this (and I'm fairly sure there's at least 2 of you who are), thank you so much and I promise to get back with you within a day or two. Cleaning and cooking for our company tonight will be taking most of my time today.

And now I'm off to start marinating...

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