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Back off, she's going to blow

If my fucking phone rings one more damn time today...

I am getting *nothing* done. I'm trying to finish up these stupid blurbs---and how boring are DOORS?!?!---and every two minutes, the phone rings. I swear, I've literally answered it 11 times in the past 45 minutes. I'm about at the end of my rope. The last time Craig called, which was 4 calls ago, he asked what was wrong and I about bit his head off.

Sorry. I'm just as peeved as all hell because I'm getting nothing accomplished today. And I have to leave in 15 minutes to pick up Craig for lunch and run some errands.

Only good thing is I made Craig reschedule our dinner guests tonight for Thursday. No way am I in any shape to be social with relative strangers right now.

Aren't you glad I'm on your friends list? /sarcasm

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