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Is it just me?

Has LJ been wonky for anyone else today? I haven't been able to get on at all for the last 5 hours. OK, 3 1/2 of those were with company here and I didn't try during that time, but I swear, the 45 minutes before, and the hour after, it's been absolutely refusing to let me anywhere near it. October conflict happens the week before Halloween, so I should still be all a go. We're going to talk to the in-laws tomorrow, and if that's OK, then I'll be buying my tickets this weekend. Woo hoo!

I made *way* too much food, although I learned that Alex will eat quesadillas, even if there's onion in them, so good news there. And for some reason he ate some of the salsa verde as well, which he normally would never touch. My weird, fickle son.

I got very little writing done today as a result of everything. I only have just over 1000 words on the Frost chapter, and I have to finish my blurb assignment this weekend as well. That means no Legions until most likely Tuesday at this rate, because if I get Frost up tomorrow by some miracle, then Sunday is spent doing the other writing. Maybe I'll post a bit more of the first Shroud chapter tomorrow.

OK. Tired now. Need sleep. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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