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Probably my last entry for a couple days...

Well, I don't think I'm going to be able to get the Rook chapter posted before I get to the US. It's not finished, and I have so much packing to still get sorted. I can't decide what I want JM to sign, so I'm taking a little bit of everything---my picture of him and me from Edinburgh, my copy of the Hollywood Reporter ad, my Chance poster, and my fave SFX magazine with him on the cover. The picture I figure is a given, but I'd like to get 2 things signed. I'll probably end up deciding at the last minute.

Craig asked me this morning about autographs and pictures I'm going to get, but the only other one that I'm super-excited about getting that kind of thing from is Danny Strong. Am I the only one who was devastated when they killed Jonathan? Plus, he's my size. Bonus there for being small enough for me to smuggle home in my suitcase. Hee. :)

I'll probably be able to check e-mail and LJ before we get to Atlanta (thank god for internet cafes and airport lounges with web access) so I'll check in periodically before we get there. And who knows? Maybe I'll actually get the Rook chapter done and posted. Weirder things have happened...

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