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A little bit better

So, today ended up not being nearly as bad as yesterday, production-wise.

1. Kids got their haircuts today, though as soon as Alex saw the clippers, he started screaming and glued his hands to his head to try and keep us away from his hair. Needless to say, anyone who cuts my son's hair always gets a huge tip for being patient. And losing some of their hearing.
2. Finished the Legions chapter, but I'm not going to post it until the morning because I want to do one more read through before it goes up. Though there is bath smut in the middle of it. :)
3. Finally finished the laundry, though I still have tons of ironing to catch up on. That's what tomorrow's for.
4. Got on the scale to find out it's gone down 1.5 pounds. Woo hoo!
5. A tiny bit more organization done on the house. Poor Craig was on the phone most of the day with his mom because her computer seems to be hosed.
6. For some inexplicable reason, I was horny as hell all day long. Poor Craig kept getting jumped or groped every time he got anywhere near me.
7. Watched West Side Story while I was doing my ironing. Sigh. Maybe it's the romantic traditionalist in me, but god, I love this movie. Richard Beymer was a cutie, back in the day. Too bad my opinions of him got tainted by Twin Peaks. And yet another sign of Sigrid's raging hormones...all I could think of in the first half of the movies was how well those boys could move every time they broke into dance. I seriously need to do a dance fic or something. Like I *really* need another plot bunny.

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