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A few days off...

I'm posting this now before I forget and in case I get too tired later on.

I'll be flying to PA on an early morning flight tomorrow, and won't be returning until late on Thursday. I'm way behind on responding to feedback/comments---again---and my plan is to spend Friday catching up. wendylouwho, I know you've commented the hell out of stuff today, and I owe you tons of responses, so just know I got them, thank you, and I'll be able to write back on Friday. :) Oh, and irishrose1, thank you so much for the birthday treats; I haven't had a chance to send you a reply via e-mail yet, but can I just say "ooo, pretty!" Thank you for thinking of me. :)

There should be a chapter to post on Friday, though I've still got to finish my current writing assignment before I can tackle fanfic. psubrat, I know you've got stuff planned for going into Philly on Wednesday, but is there any chance I might be able to sneak out of it? My deadline is Wednesday, and though I've done all my research, I'm not sure I'll be able to get it done before everything takes off on Wednesday. I have this sneaking suspicion tomorrow night is going to be a late one with lots of talking. ;)

As busy as today has been, there have been a few good things about it. Finally got the check situation sorted out with my editor so I got paid for two months worth of writing all in one shot. Yay! And Craig told me to ignore the ironing; he'd do it while I was gone. Gotta love that man. Of course, this is the same man who asked me to lay out clothes for the kids for the next 3 days as he doesn't believe he can coordinate anything for them. How the hell he's been dressing himself if he lacks this skill, I have no idea. ;)

OK, so I'm off. Farewell, adieu, and have a lovely week! :)

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