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To suck or not to suck, that is the question

And no, it's not what you're thinking; get your minds out of the gutter.

...Or not.

It's kind of a nice place down there. ;)

Anyway, I just had an amusing moment with my daughter. See, Alicia has been a thumbsucker almost since coming out of the womb. Never wanted a dummy---oops, I'm in the US now, I meant never wanted a pacifier---and always used the thumbsucking as a comfort thing, to get her to sleep, when she was stressed, that kind of thing.

Well, when we returned to the UK to pick them up a month ago, I discovered she had stopped. I didn't ask any questions as I didn't want to draw her attention to it, but was glad it was a habit that was gone. I'd never made a big deal about it as I knew it's a habit most kids outgrew, but the fact that I wasn't going to have to do anything about it was kind of a relief.

Today, I found out why she doesn't do it any more.

She had a bit of whipped cream from her lunch treat on her thumb and asked me to clean it off. I commented it was edible and she could just lick it, at which she adamantly exclaimed that she couldn't put her thumb in her mouth any more.

Turns out my MIL told Alicia that if she continued to suck her thumb, it would disappear. Like a lollipop does when you suck it. Hence, the stoppage.

If I wasn't so damn amused by this, I'd almost be frightened of the transference she's going to do with this faux bit of knowledge. ;)

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