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Fic thoughts

I've done a bit of thinking over the past day or so about my fanfic. I had been trying to get back onto a regular schedule with updating Frost, even if it wasn't as frequent as Legions, but I don't think that can happen right away. Legions is ratcheting up into its final third of the story, which is always my favorite part to write, and I really, really, really want to get it out as quickly as possible. So, I've decided to concentrate on that for a bit. I'm still going to be working on Frost---it's not getting forgotten---but Legions is going to get the focus of my energies. I'd imagine Frost will probably see a chapter every couple weeks (unless the muse strikes me or Legions is being a bitch and I need a break) until Legions is complete.

I hope people understand. :)

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