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First day of the rest of my life

I know, it's silly, but honest to god, that's what today feels like. Getting up with the kids, getting back into a routine that I actually's the simple things that are making me happy these days.

Got calls from both Craig and his parents that they arrived at their respective destinations safe and sound. I slept horribly without having Craig in bed with me; that hasn't happened in awhile, but that's OK. I'm all awake and chipper today anyway. Even managed to get quite a bit accomplished already. There's a fresh loaf of bread baking so that it'll be ready by lunch time, I finished looking over the Frost chapter in anticipation of posting it later today, I cleaned the kitchen, and I got mostly caught up on e-mails. Now, I'm off to sort laundry and to start going through the remaining boxes of books and videos down in the lounge where Mary and Colin were sleeping while they were here.

And for the first time since we first got to California, it's absolutely dreary outside. I hope Mary and Colin didn't take the good weather with him. Craig said it was rainy and humid in New York, and that he misses California already. Guess it didn't take us long to find this place home, huh? :)

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