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The end of a very long day

So, I was going to post the Legions chapter tonight, but ffnet is in a read-only mode because of a corrupt database or some such nonsense, so I've decided to be lazy and wait to see if it's up in the morning instead. It just saves me so much time and effort if I can upload to ffnet first and then fix the code from the uploaded chapter instead of hardcoding the entire thing by myself. A cheat, I know, but I don't care. :)

It turned out to be a nice day overall. The kids did well in their first day at nursery, though I wasn't too sure about poor Alicia to start. We arrived, and apparently Mr. Clark, her teacher, had told all the kids that a "new friend" was coming today, so as soon as Alicia walked in, about 6 boys all rushed up to us shouting, "Alicia! Alicia! Hi, Alicia!" The poor thing freaked and promptly hid behind Craig until it was time for us to go. She was fine afterward, though, and Mr. Clark said she opened right up once we were gone.

Got all the clothing organized (except for Craig's), and there are now no more boxes upstairs to unpack. Of course, I still have 30 boxes of books and videos in the downstairs lounge, and there's 3 more still in the garage, and there's 14 in the dining room, but hey, I need something to look forward, don't I? Craig's home from work tomorrow, and they're supposed to go out and do something while I stay home and unpack in peace. Except everyone's ganging up on me and telling me I should go with them and leave the unpacking for another day. I really don't want to, because I want these boxes out of the house once and for all, but we'll see how it goes.

And would you believe it but Craig hooked up our English television down in the garage with the xbox, our English DVD system, and a futon sitting right in front of it? Boys and their toys...

I'm in a current panic mode because of the Oakland convention. They've started taking requests from people regarding where they want to sit for the banquet so I went to find my paperwork so that I can find out what badge number I am. Except I can't find my paperwork. So I e-mailed Fernando and explained about the transatlantic move and asked for another set. Hopefully, they'll send it along.

Elsewhere on the fic anticipation of Legions finishing some time this month, I asked eyesthatslay if she could do a graphic for my next story. I figured she was busy and I'd get my request in early so that it could be done by the time I actually get around to posting the new story. And what does she do, but surprise me by being super-fast and getting it done much sooner than I anticipated. *And* made it so gorgeous that I want to be writing it now. Except that won't happen because though the first few chapters of it are done, I'm not posting it until at least Legions is complete. But I want you to see the graphic anyway, only because it's so pretty:

This isn't the post-Not Fade Away fic, in case you're wondering. This is another all-human AU, slightly futuristic, with both a Spuffy pairing and a Wesley/Willow pairing. The NFA fic will follow after Frost is complete.

Wow, for not really doing anything today, I sure wrote a lot. I'm so jealous of everyone who has their MR pictures already. None of mine have arrived yet, so I'm waiting patiently by the mailbox for mine to show up. Fingers crossed it'll be tomorrow. :)

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