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Vacations can't come quick enough...

6 more days until we leave for Atlanta! Woo hoo! And boy, do I need this time away from the kids. I think I've finally managed to beat this bug, but Alex has been a bear all day long, and had a stressful afternoon when his finger decided to get into a fight with a hinge. Nothing broken, thank god, but it's fairly swollen and bruised, poor little guy. And of course, supper wasn't good enough so he's screaming holy heck because he's hungry.

OK, question for other mothers out it wrong to stick to my guns and refuse to fix 3 different meals when it comes to dinnertime? Occasionally, I'll fix something different for the kids if I'm sure there's no way in hell they'll touch what we're having (because it's too spicy, etc.), but I just don't want them to grow up thinking they can have whatever they want for mealtimes, like I have no say in the matter. I've seen kids who manipulate their parents that way, and it drives me buggy. I'm trying to be strong and stick to my guns but when we've had such a stressful day that I get tempted to fold.

On the positive side, finished the next chapter of Voices so that will get posted tomorrow once angstchic beta's it. Probably the fastest Voices chapter I've done yet. It's amazing how easy it is to write when the scenes have been in your head since before you started the story. :) Just have to start working on the next Rook one tonight while I wait for Voices to come back...

Is it worth it to have a workaholic husband if he's wonderful in almost every other aspect? He's been back from the US for a week and he's worked until the wee hours of the morning (the earliest he's stopped has been 2am) all but 2 of those nights. Tonight's no different. He usually does everything he can to at least come home for the hour around bedtime so he can do stories and such with the kids, but that's not happening tonight. Sigh. Sometimes, I wish he didn't love his job so much.

Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to next week yet?

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