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Legions update and fic thank yous

Well, I managed to get chapter 23 of Legions up today after all. Ah, the joy of getting something done that I'd actually planned. This one's a talky, let's get some of the facts out for our characters that we've known for awhile, kind of chapters, which will segue us into two *very* plotty chapters to follow. Let's hope it works. :)

And I owe huge thank yous to whoever nominated my fics over at the Lost in Spike Awards, and thank yous to the judges there. I picked up 4 awards---Charms won Best Long Fic, Voices got runner-up for Best Written, and Rhapsody picked up Most Original and a judge's choice. Thanks so much for these! Congratulations also to sadbhyl, kantayra, db2305, bittenandstaked, __tiana__, bloodshedbaby, and all the other winners who either aren't on LJ or I don't know their usernames. :)

And FYI, next fic update will most likely be Monday, due to it being the 4th of July weekend. And that's going to be Frost, for those who are following it. :)

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