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Is it safe yet?

*sneaks onto LJ*

Is everything working better now? Is it OK to come back?

Been out in the sun all day and forgot suncream. Am currently channeling my inner lobster as I desperately try not to bend my arms, since, for some inexplicable reason, the bends in my elbows got burned the worst. I don't want to even consider what brushing my hair is going to be like tomorrow since I forgot to wear my hat for the second half of the day.

There's also a ton of comments I've tried to leave over the past few days that never went through due to the wonkiness of LJ. thefangirl, I tried six times to leave a thankful comment on your entry regarding the fics, but it crashed each and every time. So, I'll say my thanks here, and let you know that a new chapter of Promise of Frost should be out before the end of the weekend, so no hostages will be necessary. :)

I also notes to evenstar_estel and i_digress_uk, and I'm going to do my damnedest to get those done before Sunday, too. Tomorrow is another outside day as the park across the way is having a paddle day, which means we won't be home for most of it. But again, I'm going to try my hardest to get back to you. :)

Ack. Sunburn sucks. Being fair-skinned and turning red just from being blinked at by the sun sucks. I'm going to look like Rudolph tomorrow, too. Yuck.

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