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What an utterly exhausting, wonderful day. Today was Craig's Nan's 90th birthday, and a special surprise lunch was done for her. This woman amazes me because she just doesn't seem 90. She's still totally with it, and if it weren't for the fact that her body is giving out on her, I'm sure there is still so much she would be doing. Unfortunately, her legs and arms have other ideas.

So we got home from the lunch around 3:30 to go straight into the good-bye party that my mother-in-law organized. About 30 or so of Craig's nearest relatives (well, the ones we care about at least) and a few friends. Absolutely smashing time. Tons of kids to keep Alicia and Alex busy (who didn't go to bed until almost 11pm but hey I figure they should get to stay up late since I'm taking them away from all their cousins), and got to gossip with all the family that I like. Way too much food, but then that always happens. And it was cute, because one of Craig's cousins has a twelve-year-old son named Connor who kept following me around like a puppy. :) I caught him at one point singing Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give It Away" and when I jokingly commented on it, he about went through the roof in surprise. We started talking about music, and it kept coming back to music I used to listen to in college. When I commented on how old it made me feel, Connor said, "You're not old!", to which I promptly reminded him I turned 35 next month. Well, the next five minutes were spent on telling me why 35 is not old, and how I don't act 35 and that's what really matters. This, coming from a 12-year-old boy. Like I said, it was cute. :)

Tomorrow, we're going to pack up the rest of the stuff we left behind, and then it's back on a plane for us Sunday morning. I imagine I'll be uploading the Legions chapter on Monday morning, because I'm going to have transcribe it first. I have a few people who are convinced I left it on a cliffhanger (hee!) so I need to put them out of their misery. Except not, because there is a lot happening in the next 5 or 6 chapters as sides start to shift with Buffy's new situation, now-April's denunciation of Esme, and the like. *whistles innocently*

OK, extremly tired now as we've spent the last hour and a half cleaning up from the party. I'll just be going to bed in a few, and I'll talk to everyone tomorrow after the packing is done! :)

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