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Legions update

Well, here it is. Chapter 20 of Legions is now up.

It's one of those interim chapters I hate to write, the one where I give mini-updates on where everyone is in the story, so you don't forget about all the players. Except I deliberately left out the April stuff because I didn't want to confuse people on timelines and such.

But there is plot stuff in it, so hopefully it's not too dry. Oh, and since I'm leaving tomorrow for the UK (to get my kids back, yay!), there won't be any more updates until next Monday at the earliest. This is the last of the chapters I'd had written prior to getting back online, though half of 21 is done already, so I'm not sure what updating is going to be like when I get back. I'm probably going to slide a little away from the Wednesday only schedule with the worst of the moving out of the way. My in-laws are coming back with us, so I know stuff will be going on with them here (they're here for 3 weeks), so I don't want to commit to a schedule I'm not sure I can keep.

Anyway, I hope you can get through this one, and thanks as always for your support. :)

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