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JM update on SlayerCon

For those on my friends list who are going to SlayerCon in Oakland, an e-mail was just sent out by Vulkon, stating the following:

Re: A personal Note from James Marsters to SlayerCon attendees...

Dear Fans of Vulkon SlayerCon Oakland:

I wanted to send a special message to my fans who will be attending the SlayerCon in Oakland, California, August 28-29. Ghost of the Robot will not be appearing at this event, however, I will be there for BOTH days to take photos with you, sign autographs and do two Q&A's. I appreciate your understanding about the changes with the band and look forward to seeing you all in Oakland.

James Marsters

Also, they're moving Common Rotation to play on Saturday night and will be getting a second band for then as well as finding another band for Friday night.

So see? A silver lining after all. Because more James is always good. :)

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