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Last flings

Craig and I took advantage of the last Sunday we'll have without children and went and did something we haven't done since Alicia was born. Starting at 11am this morning, we did a movie crawl---Harry Potter at 11am, The Day After Tomorrow at 1:30pm, a brief dinner at 3:30, and then The Chronicles of Riddick at 5pm. And then went to Target afterward to do some more shopping of essentials.

Nothing insightful to say about any of the pictures, except surprisingly enough, Riddick was my favorite of the three. I don't know what it is about the man---OK, yes, I do, it's the muscles and that voice---but Vin really pushes my buttons. So much so that I actually bumped James from one of the five slots on my FL just for him. OK, so James still has the other four, but for me that's a big thing.

I've been getting caught up on LJ comments, but I still have a boatload of personal e-mails to respond to. I'll do those tomorrow. Right now, my brain is fried from updating LLGA. We're up to 186 nominees already, so thank you to everyone who is nominating! :)

You know the worst thing about going to the movies? It's the one place I can pretty much guarantee getting bitten by plot bunnies, mostly when the films can't keep my attention and my mind starts wondering. I spent half of HP and half of Day After brainstorming on new fics. Just what I need right now, right? Ha. Not.

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