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xionin admitted to being a sheep when she saw this on wisteria_'s LJ, so I'm going to do the first meme I've done in ages:

1. Legions of True Hearts: Well, this one is satisfying my William fix in a huge way. The only problem with it is that because I know what's coming up, and because I already have the sequel halfway planned, I want it to be written faster. And I just don't have the time yet to do that. And I get so damned excited about where it's all going that I find myself having to bite my tongue to stop from revealing too much. Because of that whole wanting to surprise people thing.
2. Promise of Frost: I love doing the banter in this one, but the UST is killing me. I so want them to just get it on, but I can't let it happen yet *bangs head on table*.
3. The Forever Shroud: The bunny that just won't die. This is my futuristic all-human AU that I've been working on, on the sly, in between Frost and Legions chapters. Spuffy, and Wesley/Willow again, and another large tapestry of characters ala Rook. But I swore I wouldn't start posting it until Legions is done. I did. Honest.
4. My post-Not Fade Away fic: This one is in the planning stages, although the prologue (or chapter one, I'm not sure yet what it's going to be) is already written. My very first fic set after Season 5 of Buffy. Because I just can't let Wesley be dead. It's going to be mammoth, I can tell already, with my Spuffy reunion, lots of adventure, rebirths (and yes, that is a plural you see there), and my favorite Buffy people come back to join the party. But that one's not going to start getting posted until Frost is done.
5. Calypso Blue: My original novel. I still love this idea, and I love what I've written, but my love for Spike keeps pulling me away from it.
6: My still untitled screenplay: I tackled this in a huge way after coming back from MR. I've gotten another 8 pages done in the past 3 days, making it nearly half done now. I know this is kind of sad, but I get ideas for original stories by imagining what kinds of roles I'd like to see my favorite actors do. And three guesses who inspired this one. My goal is to have this done by my birthday next month.

OK, this was probably only interesting to me, but it's kind of cathartic getting it all out. And this doesn't even take into consideration the list of half-dozen fanfic plot bunnies that are in varying stages of planning. I just left those out because I know that the NFA fic and Shroud are the two I'll be posting when my current ones are done. Sigh.

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