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Ramblings of a fevered mind

Should've known it was too good to be true. Felt a little off when I went to bed and woke up at 3am burning up again. An hour later, drugs are now winding their way through my body and I am alternating hot and cold flashes as the fever tries to break. Sometimes being sick is a lot of how I hear menopause can be.

Do you get ultra aware of your skin when you have a fever? Like you can feel every layer of your epidermis and that if you tried, you could peel them away strip by strip? Like Willow being eaten alive. And how sad is it that I'm making BtVS comparisons when I'm running a temp of 103?

I decided today that people who make bras that make 34 y/o breasts look like 18 y/o breasts deserve a medal. And it wasn't even a push-up bra. Just a regular, industrial size plain one designed for support.

Nyquil tastes funny. Of course, I burned my mouth tonight on supper so I think anything would taste funny at this point.

Maybe I'll sleep if I think about James. OK. Stop laughing. It could happen. Really. He can be very...soothing. :)

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