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Moonlight Rising - Day Two

Saturday started early for me. After seeing so many kids around on Friday, I couldn’t resist calling England to speak with my own. Every time I call, Alex has a new word. The first thing he said when they put him on the phone was, “Ice cream!” Clear as day. Of course, as soon as the glee at hearing the word come out wore off, there comes the question, “Now why exactly is Alex saying ‘ice cream’ so clearly?” But oh well. He’s on vacation, too, I figure.

psubrat and I were slated to help with the auction that morning, so we made sure to be over to the main hotel in time for that at 9am. However, upon arrival, we learned that it had been postponed until 10:30, giving us some time for her to do some searching for S5 Alexis in the dealer’s room. I showed her the table where I’d bought the cards the day before, and she spotted one of the Spike figures. She opted to buy it, and then the dealer offered to make us a deal on the other one he had, so I went ahead and got that, especially since psubrat said it was such a good deal. Funny how the first thing more than $15 that I bought is the one thing Craig always told me not to get. He just doesn’t see the point in the figures and has discouraged me from getting them in the past.

PSUbrat and I were runners for the auction, which meant that when someone won, we ran to them with our little clipboard, wrote up their receipt, and instructed them how to pay. Let me tell you, that hour we were in there went fast. James Leary was helping Paul, the emcee, host the thing. It was actually good for him that we started later because he was just a tad hungover from the late night on Friday, and he ended up sitting for most of the auction. It didn’t stop him from being his usual funny and cheerful self, though.

I actually bought something myself at the auction. They had shooting scripts there, some signed and some unsigned, and I got the script for Beneath You signed by James Marsters. I was so excited about it…until the Fool for Love script came up about 3 auctions later. Damn it. No way could I justify getting both, especially since the BY one wiped out my cash and the ATM machine in the lobby was down until the afternoon. Oh well.

The last item up for bid (that we had time for) was a Spike/Clem picture signed by both of them. The bidding started to get a little high on it, and then Paul decided to throw in a kiss on the cheek from JL as incentive to get the bidding higher. That escalated into a bottom-groping ala ASH last year, and two women ended up getting at $400 each. JL was a super sport about it, though, even pulling out the hem of his underwear from his jeans at one point to show that he was wearing Calvin Klein’s.

We got sucked back into volunteer auction stuff after it was over, and found out that only half the stuff had been auctioned off. The rest of the items were placed on the silent auction at the charity table in the dealer’s room. There were so many good things---a Chosen script, DVD’s, posters, and the like. I just wish I had more money. And time.

I missed the Angel panel as a result, but I heard Stephanie was a trooper and carried it without Andy as best she could. The Buffy panel was fun, with some of the best responses sparked by a question regarding reality television. My favorite bit from the weekend came from Tom Lenk, when he was joking that Fox’s next endeavour was “Who Wants a Green Card?” After everything Craig and I have been going through, that tickled me to no end.

The first batch of autographs were immediately after, 1-400 for everyone but JM. PSUbrat and I sat around and talked while we waited for our turns. I’d purchased a Troika picture in the dealer room for them to sign, but because of my slight cash flow problem, I opted out of getting Iyari’s, Stephanie’s, and James Leary’s that day. I figured I got JL last year, and at that point, IL and SR didn’t really interest me. I don’t remember what I said to Danny or Adam, but I asked Tom about the relative with the same name as me, wondering if he was just teasing me about it, and he told me it was his great-aunt. So I have an old lady name. Great.

There was only a little time left in the day before the concerts for us as we were supposed to help cash out the silent auction. I’d bid on the American version of the Buffy game, as I have the UK version and was told the US one was much, much better. Turns out, they ended the auction early and didn’t need us, so we actually had time to go back to the villa and change at our leisure. I think that was our biggest window of free time (woo hoo, a whole hour and a half) the whole weekend. Oh, and I did get the game. Which officially meant I had to buy another bag for the trip home because there was no way all my stuff was fitting in the pilot case I’d brought now.

Common Rotation started promptly at 8pm, without any fanfare, and a whole swarm of people rushed the stage. I wasn’t interested in standing and killing my feet for hours on end, not with as much as we’d been working that weekend, so I opted to stay in my seat. However, from my vantage point about 10 rows back or so, it was kind of hard to see anyone except for Eric. What a hardship. The show was tight, the guys were right on the money, and though the sound left a little to be desired, I was just as blown away by them live as I had been by their CD.

That left half an hour for Ghost of the Robot. There were issues in the interim about people having to go back and sit in their seats. A line of defense was put in place to keep people from rushing the stage, but it wasn’t explained very well and many people took offense to what they didn’t understand. There was grumbling on both sides as a result---those who wanted to stand and kept getting ordered back to their chairs, and those who wanted to sit and were annoyed people wouldn’t listen to what they were told. So when Ghost finally came out nearly half an hour late, tempers were a little frayed.

I’m not going to lie to you about the show. This was the 5th time I’d seen the band live, and within seconds of them starting, I could tell that it in no way measured up to what I’d heard before. It was also the first time I’d seen James Marsters all weekend. Well, tried to see James. I couldn’t do it from my seat, so I got up and stood in the back of the room so that I could actually see what was going on.

We only lasted a few songs. Somewhere in the 3rd or 4th song, psubrat, Jeannette, and I decided to go back to the villa. We had stuff to do, and frankly, the show just wasn’t worth it for us.

I know the reports that are out there. Yes, James was drunk for the concert. He said so himself, and his performance reflected that. However, I’m not going to speculate on any reasons why it happened, and I won’t tolerate people doing that in the comments of my LJ. If you say anything I find offensive, I will delete it. The man has a personal life, one that we’re not privy to, and the least I can do---the least any of us can do---is respect that privacy.

All I will say that is, regardless of the events of Saturday night, I walked away from Moonlight Rising admiring and caring about what happens to JM just as much as I did prior to going in. This is a man with great talent and a profound commitment to pleasing his fans. But, he is just a man, with his own strengths and foibles. He will stumble every once in a while. We all do. Anyone who begrudges him for falling prey to human weakness---when there is not one among us who hasn’t done the same thing in one form or another in our lifetime---doesn’t understand the meaning of being a true fan. We support him, though thick and thin, without having a personal agenda, and without having unrealistic expectations. I’m not trying to explain away his behavior on Saturday---frankly, I’m in absolutely no position to be doing so---but I would hope that people who read the reports of what happened in the Poconos look at them with clear eyes. Everything has a reason, and we have no idea what his might be. After everything he has given us with Spike, the least I can do for JM is respect his right to be human. It’s the same I would do for any one of you, simply because respect for others is one thing I feel incredibly passionate about.

Now, I still have to do Sunday, which was probably both my busiest and most rewarding day---my photo op with JM, listening to his Q&A, getting his autograph. I’m going to write that up later today and post it tonight.

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