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So, my anniversary ended up being...interesting...

Straight after leaving here yesterday, Craig and I went to buy kids beds. We were just going to cruise the main drag and stop at whatever caught our eye because according to the phone book, there were a ton of places there. So, we pull into a parking lot situated between two different sleep stores, both of which are having sales (god, I love holiday sales). And we get out to go in.

My door doesn't close properly.

Yelling at Craig not to remote lock it, I open my door to check to see if I've caught the seatbelt in the latch. This is something I do fairly commonly, or at least, I did back in the UK with the Nissan we had. It doesn't look like anything's there, so getting a good grip on it, I slam the door shut even harder this time.

It still won't close.

OK, I think, what the hell am I missing? We just bought this car; please don't let it be broken already. So, I look at the door latch to see if maybe there's something caught there but I don't really see anything. So I slam the door again.

Nope. Won't shut.

By this time, Craig has come around to see what is going on. As I open the door to see what I could be missing, I start saying that I'm worried the door is broken because it won't close. "The seatbelt's not in the way," I say, "and I just don't know why it won't shut properly."

"Maybe because of this," Craig says, and leans over to pick up something small and silver that is resting on the door track up by the hinge.

In his hand is my brand new cell phone purchased just Saturday.

I snatch it from him to see the scratches on its case, and I flip it open to see the display completely shattered and the LCD display bleeding onto the keys. It looks pretty bad, but then again, slamming it into the door not once, not twice, but three times can do that to a phone.

It must've fallen out of my purse when we were driving, and I just didn't notice it when I picked up my bag to get out of the car. Or any of the times I was trying to close the door. I'm just so completely used to catching my seatbelt in the latch that it never even occurred to me to look elsewhere for what could be blocking the door.

We did buy insurance for it---thank god---so we went back to the Cingular shop. There was only one guy in, sitting with a customer at one of the tables, and though he wasn't the one who'd helped us, he'd been there so he recognized us. He looked up when we approached, and asked if there was something we'd forgotten. Craig just opened the phone to show the display to him and said, "We had a little accident."

The look on the guy's face was priceless. "But you just bought that phone yesterday," he said in disbelief, and excused himself from his customer for a moment. It turned out he couldn't do anything about it yesterday, but gave me a loaner phone to use until we could go back today and exchange my broken phone for one that hadn't been crushed by a minivan door.

The rest of the afternoon went well. Cable guy showed up early so we went and bought some new shoes for Craig as his old ones were giving him blisters, and I finally found a pair of jeans I love as much as my old ones. God, I love Levi's. And we went back home to get dressed for dinner.

Now, dinner was at a restaurant called Left Bank. We were taken there when we were here last time, and I was so impressed by the quality that I asked Craig specifically to go back for our anniversary. It's kind of pricy, so not somewhere we'll go just on a whim, but it's perfect for a special occasion.

So, we ordered a bottle of gerwurtztraminer (a white wine made in Alsace that we discovered on a wine tasting in London) and our starters. Which were wonderful. We didn't have a waiter for some reason. The manager himself was taking care of us, though we didn't know that until the end of the night.

Our starter dishes were taken away and we waited for our entrees.

And we waited.

And we waited.

After we'd realized 45 minutes had passed (we lost track of time between the wine and talking and stuff), and that the table two down from us had not only arrived after us but was now leaving, we decided to ask about our entrees. We couldn't find our guy (Steve) so asked a different waiter to find him for us.

Two minutes later, Steve shows up. Turns out, he forgot to put Craig's meal on the ticket when he put it in, so my salmon had come ready ages earlier, but the duck wasn't ready. Without any prompting, he apologized profusely and informed us that dinner was on him that night. We were very grateful, and 10 minutes later, had our food. We then proceeded to order desserts, and when we did so, he brought us a gift certificate for a free dinner and dessert the next time we come in as well, along with his business card. That's when we learned that Steve was the manager. That's also when we learned that the entire meal was comp'ed, not just the entrees that we'd been waiting on. So Craig and I got our $100+ 3-course meal plus wine for completely free. Not a bad anniversary gift all around. :)

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